Drive long-term customer loyalty and increase user engagement

Our product will help with improving customer loyalty and sales, developing stronger community engagement and creating captivating product experiences

Customer Engagement Features

Create Fans & Loyal Customers

Supercharge lifetime value, loyalty and identify real brand advocates by rewarding customers for behaviours.

Increase Customer Acquisition

Maximise acquisition rates by on-boarding and helping customers discover the real value delivered by your product.

Increase Customer Retention

Identify, measure and reward valuable behaviours to drive customer adoption and maturity, surfacing brand advocates and improving retention.

Create Engaging Marketing Campaigns

Boost the effect of marketing campaigns by making them targeted

Technical integration

We auto integrate with existing and popular POS systems (POSitouch, Dinerware, Micros, InfoGenesis, POSitouch, Aloha, Brink POS, Azbar, Xpient, NorthStar, Maitre'D and Aloha POS systems, ) without having to acquire new licenses

Privacy & Security

We only process 3D secure authenticated payments to protect both you and the customer from FRAUD. SECURITY overides al other the requirements. We have 0.0% charge backs and bank fraud issues