1: (Email Marketing for SMEs)


Engage your contacts at a personal level with beautiful email campaigns.

Manage Your Subscribers

Creating & Sending Emails

Automation & Triggers

Reporting & Analytics

Social Media Email Marketing

Free Email Templates

Integration & API

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2: Majani (Real Estate Management System (SAaS)


Majani is a web based cloud hosted system that is designed for Real Estate Service Providers (Agents) and Land lords. The system primarily computes amount that each tenant owes the land lord or service provider. The system then processes the bills due for each tenant within any one given period (month). Some of the computation handled by the system may include Electricity bill, water, and Gas. The aforementioned items are categorized as utilities whose calculation is based on tariffs provided and the consumption units resulting from the meter reading. Other than utilities, the system also handles service charges such as Security fees, Garbage collection fees, Rent Surcharges among others.

Service provider/ Super Agent Portal

Landlord Portal

Tenant Portal and help desk

Automated Billing Module

Online payments

Tenant history

Comprehensive reporting for agents, landlords and tenants

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